Mall of Asia Hypermarket Aisle Directory

As promised, I've got the information on the aisle directory to the Mall of Asia Hypermarket. Sorry, I wasn't able to update sooner, you know, the holidays and all. This list will contain the aisle number and the products that can be found in each aisle, for your reference. A picture of the whole layout of the hypermarket will be posted in the next entry.
Aisle No. Products
1 Treats - Candy, Chewing Gum, Chocolates
2 Snacks - Jelly, Cone, Wafers
3 Biscuits, Crackers, Nuts, Preserves
4 & 5 Chips
6 Coffee, Chocolate Milk, Liquid Milk, Sandwich Spreads, Jams
7 Powdered Milk, Cereal, Oats
8 Baby Needs – Baby Food, Diaper, etc.
9 Adult Diaper, Feminine Wash, Body Care, Skin Care
10 International Foods
11 Seasoning, Sauces, Condiments, Spices
12 Pasta, Salad and Baking Needs
13 Canned Meat
14 Canned Seafood, Bottled Seafood
15 Noodles, Canned Fruits, Canned Vegetables
16 Energy Drink, Water, Juice
17 Soda, Beer, Shandy
18 Bathroom, Facial, Tissue, Picnic Items
19 Household Items, Cleaning Aid, Pet Needs (Dog Food)
20 Laundry Bar, Laundry Aid, Detergent
Knowing where the items are located will save a grocer a huge amount of time when shopping for groceries. So, I hope this can help. As soon as I finish the diagrammatic layout of the hypermart, I'll follow this up in my next post.

SM Mall of Asia Movie Schedules

January 15, 2007 - Tuesday

SM IMAX Cinema

The Polar Express
Rating GP

I Am Legend
Rating PG-13
130PM 400PM 630PM 900PM
SM Mall of Asia

Cinema 1
I Am Legend
Rating PG-13
100PM 310PM 520PM 730PM 940PM

Cinema 2
Bee Movie
Rating GP
110PM 310PM 510PM 710PM 910PM

Cinema 3
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Rating GP
1150PM 220PM 450PM 730PM 940PM

Cinema 4
Sydney White
Rating PG-13
130AM 350PM 610PM 830PM

Cinema 5
Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo
Rating PG-13
1230PM 245PM 500PM 715PM 930PM

Cinema 6
Rating PG-13
1220PM 235PM 450PM 705PM 920PM

Premiere Cinema
The Golden Compass
Rating PG-13
130PM 355PM 620PM 400PM

American Gangster
Rating R-13
1215AM 320PM 625PM 930PM
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2008 World Pyro Olympics Schedule

February 16 - China (CN) vs Germany (DE)
February 23 - Japan (JP) vs Australia (AU)
March 1 - Korea (KR) vd Dubai (AE)
March 8 - Italy (IT) vs Venezuela (VE)
March 15 - Frace (FR) vs Philippines (PH)

Host: Philippines
Where: Bay City, SM Mall of Asia